Melanie Sue Bowles, founder-director of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

by | Jan 12, 2011

Melanie Sue Bowles, founder-director of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary and author , most recently, of “The Dogs of Proud Spirit.” (Full disclosure: I provided a blurb for the book jacket.)





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Melanie Sue Bowles, who alongside husband, Jim, founded Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary on a five-acre parcel in Myakka City, Florida– it now sits on 320 acres in Mena, Arkansas–discusses some of the history and evolution of Proud Spirit, as well as what takes place in a given day caring for nearly 70 horses. (Over the years, The Bowles have cared for some 300 horses.) She also spoke about her t ransformation from cat person–indifferent, at best, to dogs–to such a devoted, passionate dog lover that she and Jim slowly took i n dog after dog at Proud Spirit, until the number of dogs living with them (including a sizable contingent of Corgis) in their home reached 12, generally the canine population they maintain to this day. This saga, and others, constitutes the core of Melanie’s third and latest book, “The Dogs of Proud Spirit. (

ALSO: We spoke briefly with Rick Medina of Animal Based Charities (ABC), about the organization and about two events they wer e holding this weekend. (

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