Alan Rabinowitz, Zoologist-Conservationist-Author

by | Aug 11, 2010

Alan Rabinowitz–the world-renowned zoologist, conservationist and field biologist, whose latest book, “Life In The Valley Of Death: The Fight To Save Tigers In A Land Of Guns, Gold And Greed” will be issued in paperback Sept. 7– discusses his dim view of zoos (lifelong, even as The Bronx Zoo played a pivotal, somewhat soothing role in his childhood); addresses how the word “conservation” has become fuzzy in meaning from indiscriminate use, and been co-opted for nefarious purposes.

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He describes the birth, mission and functioning of Panthera, a non-profit devoted to protecting the world’s 36 wild cat species and of which Rabinowitz is president and CEO.

Rabinowitz explains the tally of tigers, captive and free, in the world and outlines the value of genetic corridors to preserving their population; reviews the impact of the severe stutter on his childhood–it made for a lonely, isolated existence–and reconciled that with statements like “Stuttering gave me my life” and touches on how different the childhood of his son with a stutter is unfolding; and comments on the explosive impact of his 2008 appearance on “The Colbert Report,” in which recounting his childhood isolation & ensuing life story famously nearly brought Colbert to tears, and more.

Read Duncan’s piece on Alan Rabinowitz in the September issue of The Bluegrass Special, a terrific monthly online magazine that covers not just music, but also books, film, television, cultural figures, environmental issues, farming and more.

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