W. Bruce Cameron–columnist and author

by | Jul 7, 2010

W. Bruce Cameron–award-winning humor columnist and New York Times bestselling author of “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter” and other books–discusses his just-released debut novel, “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel For Humans,” a singular saga about (and ostensibly told by) a charismatic canine on a quest to understand his purpose over the arc of being reborn as various dogs in various settings;

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addresses the approach he undertook in assuming the voice(s) of the canine narrator, and rules he established for himself in telling the story; explains that examining a dog’s purpose was a central aspect of the book from its inception and how the notion of purpose changes as the dog morphs over the course of the book; touches on key metaphorical aspects of the novel, and more. [www.ADogsPurpose.com]

Read Duncan’s review of Bruce Cameron’s “A Dog’s Purpose” in the August issue of The Bluegrass Special, a terrific monthly online magazine that covers not just music, but also books, film, television, cultural figures, environmental issues, farming and more. Link to article: [thebluegrassspecial.com]

COMEDY CORNER: Brian Regan’s “Dog Barking” [www.BrianRegan.com]

MUSIC: Sean Frew’s “Wild Dog,” EELS’ “Dog’s Life,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Koko Taylor’s “Please Don’t Dog Me”

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