Martin Deeley- Dog Trainer, Author, Educator

Our guest is Martin Deeley–an Orlando-based dog trainer who, during his 30-year career, has developed an international reputation as a gifted and accomplished trainer of dogs (and of dog trainers), as well as educator and author, not to mention Cesar Millan colleague.




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Deeley discusses the factors behind the veritable population explosion of dog trainers over the last decade; outlines the chief traits and criteria to keep in mind when assessing and selecting a trainer to work with your dog; addresses the issues and behaviors that he most often sees (and in some case, strives to undo); describes the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP, of which Martin is the co-founder, past president and executive director) and the organization’s annual conference later this month in Hutto, TX; and responds to a number of listener callers and e-mailers seeking Martin’s advice on behavioral problems or other issues with their dogs.

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