Archele Hundley- Former Ringling Employee

by | Jan 6, 2010

Archele Hundley–a former Ringling Bros. employee on the animal crew who’s done PSAs for PETA (though, interestingly, is not a PETA member), has spoken in front of various groups about the plight of circus animals, and testified at the big federal lawsuit against Ringling

–discusses her background, including growing up in West Virginia, where her bred horses; addresses her pre-Ringling employment history, including how her work as a federal security guard led to the Ringling job; comments on how quickly, and frequently, Ringling hires its employees, including those on the animal crew; details some of the animal mistreatment and abuse she witnessed, including a horrifying tale of a vicious, prolonged beating of an elephant with a bullhook during a layover in Tulsa; recounts how, as a mother of five, she had often taken her kids to the circus–and stopped once she saw all the animal cruelty, which also prompted her to quit the Ringling stint after two months, and more.

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