Ric O’ Barry- Dolphin Advocate Extraordinaire

by | Sep 2, 2009

Ric O’ Barry–the nominal star of “The Cove,” the acclaimed and award-winning documentary-thriller that partly functions as an expose of the “secret” dolphin slaughter that takes place annually in the small Japanese town of Taiji–discusses his involvement in the film (when the movie was completed, he was surprised he was at the center of it), how he began as a dolphin trainer (most notably, the dolphins used in the TV series “Flipper”), how the “Flipper” experience compelled him to renounce that world and become in the ensuing 40 years arguably dolphins’ chief protector/rescuer/advocate, not only trying to generate attention toward the tightly-guarded Taiji carnage, but also staunchly opposed to any form of dolphin captivity.

While addressing this tale of redemption, he also commented optimistically on the prospects of Michael Vick experiencing his own tale of redemption, and more. [www.SaveJapanDolphins.org]

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COMEDY CORNER: Brian Regan’s “Flipper” (snippet) (www.BrianRegan.com)

MUSIC: Ahmad Jamal Trio’s “Dolphin Dance,” Poe’s “Dolphin,” instrumentals

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