Special edition – Talking Animals/Sonic Detour – June 24, 2009

Hello. As you may know, in addition to “Talking Animals,” I host another program at WMNF, an afternoon-drive music show on Wednesdays called the “Sonic Detour.”

On the June 24 edition, I presented a “Talking Animals”-oriented version of the “Sonic Detour,” which mostly meant playing all animal songs, drawing on music from multiple genres and eras; the playlist–including all instrumentals–is included here.

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A long-time vegetarian and champion of animal welfare, Terry Adams recently released a solo album, "Holy Tweet."

I also incorporate some other elements of “Talking Animals,” including a coupla round of “Name That Animal Tune,” and an interview–with Terry Adams perhaps best known as the singer-songwriter-keyboardist of NRBQ (the legendary rock/R&B/jazz/pop/etc. band formed some 40 years ago), who recently released a new solo album, “Holy Tweet,” and who’s a longtime vegetarian and champion of animal welfare.

It was fun to play some different–and longer–songs, and to chat with Terry. Enjoy.



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