Jose Sanchez–whale expert

Jose Sanchez–a naturalist trained in marine biology and an expert on the so-called “friendly whales” of San Ignacio Lagoon in the Baja California region of Mexico–discusses his own background and relevant history of San Ignacio Lagoon (including that whaling was active in the area until about 1938, at which point most of the whales were killed off; in 1946, Mexico became party to the anti-whaling policies and other protections of the International Whaling Commission); describes the “friendly whales” phenomenon, in which the mother California grey whales not only allow humans near their babies, but bring the calves over to them to be touched and petted; muses about the issue of whether some of these whales are old enough to be survivors of the whaling days, making it all the more remarkable that these whales and their offspring freely approach these boats that in a previous period carried whalers with harpoons; the various measures in place at the Lagoon to protest the whales, and more. []

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