Dr. Jennifer Conrad–Veterinarian and Director of The Paw Project

by | Apr 8, 2009

Dr. Jennifer Conrad–a veterinarian and Director of The Paw Project, a Santa Monica-based organization that seeks to educate the public about the harmful effects of feline declawing, to end the practice of the declaw surgery (a procedure considered so inhumane that it’s illegal in numerous countries, including Austria, France, Israel, and the UK), and to rehabilitate big cats that have been declawed–discusses the misconceptions surrounding the declaw procedure (which actually involves amputating the animal’s toes at the last joint–not just the nail, but a portion of the bone is removed), the effects and complications of the procedure, including infection, disfigurement, crippling pain and behavioral issues; some of the alternatives to declawing; the legislative efforts to outlaw declawing cats, including the Paw Project spearheading the campaign that resulted in the ban on declawing in West Hollywood, CA, the first law of its type in North America; and more. [www.PawProject.com]

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