Dr. Will Tuttle–educator, speaker, musician and former Zen monk

Dr. Will Tuttle–an educator, speaker, musician and former Zen monk who holds a Ph.D in education from U.C. Berkeley, and author of “The World Peace Diet: Eating For Spiritual Health and Social Harmony”–discusses his own description of “The World Peace Diet” and whether that’s altered since the book was published; the way the political landscape has shifted since Barack Obama was elected President and the impact of that change on the prospects of wider embracing in this country and globally of the tenets of “The World Peace Diet”; addresses the challenges of–through the book, a full dance card of lectures and other speaking engagements each year,, etc– preaching to the converted relative to efforts to reach the people who might benefit most from his information and philosophy; and responds to listener calls and e-mails. [www.WorldPeaceDiet.org, www.WillTuttle.com]

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COMEDY CORNER: Paula Poundstone’s “Designer Dogs” (www.PaulaPoundstone.com)

MUSIC: Jah Wobble’s “Dragon And Phoenix Dub,” Neko Case’s “I’m An Animal,” instrumentals

NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Rondellus’ version of “War Pigs”

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