Jon Katz–author extraordinaire

Jon Katz–author of 17 books, including six novels and 11 nonfiction books (among them, the New York Times bestseller “Dog Days”), most recently, “Izzy & Lenore: Two Dogs, An Unexpected Journey, and Me”–discusses various aspects of the work as hospice volunteers that he and the titular Izzy (an abandoned border collie Katz adopted) undertook, explains the emotionally-uplifting impact of this work on Katz while briefly commenting on his unrelated struggle with depression also chronicled in the new book, speaks about the black Labrador puppy named Lenore that also figures into the latest saga and the relevant issue of buying a dog from a breeder relative to rescuing/adopting, and more. []

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COMEDY CORNER: Mitch Hedberg’s “Headless Horseman” (snippet) (

: David Grisman’s “Dawg’s Bull,” Eels’ “Dog’s Life,” instrumentals

THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Steve Miller “Fly Like An Eagle”

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