Dr. Carole Noon–founder and director of Save The Chimps

Dr. Carole Noon–founder and director of Save The Chimps, the world’s largest sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, based in Fort Pierce, FL–discusses the formative stages of her career as a primatologist, the history and evolution of Save The Chimps (including the pivotal role the Coulston Foundation and its chimps played in this saga), the condition and behavior of chimps before they arrive at the 200-acre Florida facility and after, the process of forming groups of about 20 chimps to relocate from the New Mexico Save The Chimps location to the Florida one where each group occupies a three to five acre island, the varying views on the virtues of biomedical research conducted on chimps, how the organization is funded, the rationale behind the decision not to make Save The Chimps open to public, and more. [www.SaveTheChimps.org]

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