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In Memoriam: Otis McGarr

(circa Nov. 1989- Jan. 4, 2006)

Almost fifteen years ago, when I began dating Colleen McGarr, who’s now my wife, she was living with a sleek black cat named Otis.

My first impression of Otis was that he was an irascible cuss. My second impression, too. I mean, if you went to pet him, he might allow it; he might even extend himself to meet your touch. Just as likely, it seemed, he might scratch and bite you. –> READ MORE


Duncan and Colleen’s elder cat Otis embarked on an extended walkabout recently, disappearing while they were out of town – no doubt sending the cat/house sitter into a panic. Flyers, calls to local shelters, and neighborhood canvasing resulted in no clues for days as to Otis’s circumstances. But finally, hearing a faint cry on the next block, Duncan found Otis in a neighbor’s back yard some days later, in need of his daily medications but for the most part healthy – and hungry. Everyone is happy that Otis turned up. He’s part of the family and has been for over a decade. Welcome back, O!  — JT the webguy