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Dr. Mary Sebzda–veterinarian extraordinaire

Local veterinarian extraordinaire  Dr. Mary Sebzda–the only guest thus far to make multiple appearances on “Talking Animals”–returns to discuss and answer caller questions about such Summer pet concerns as greater vigilance against fleas, higher incidence of allergies, and tips for traveling with animals by plane or car. She also discussed various facets of microchips, addressed whether you should try to remove “gunk” from a cat’s ear and explained the pitfalls of asking a vet to prescribe–or even OK–a medication over the phone. [] Read more…

Dr. Mary Sebzda–Local veterinarian

Local veterinarian Dr. Mary Sebzda–who was first a guest on June 23, 2003–returns to discuss pet obesity and how a visiting animal introduced into a household can trigger stress (including diarrhea) in the resident animals, and takes caller questions on “hot spots” and the best techniques for giving an animal a pill.  [] Read more…

Dr. Mary Sebzda–veterinarian

GUEST: veterinarian Dr. Mary Sebzda [] discussing the new article in Consumer Reports about vet practices and prices, plus how to find a good vet, get an estimate or second opinion, etc.
COMEDY CORNER: Woody Allen’s “The Moose.”
MUSIC: Laurel Canyon Animal Co.’s “Litterbox Boogie,” John Hiatt’s “My Dog & Me,” instrumentals.
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Steely Dan’s “Black Cow.”