Emmylou Harris–Singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter Emmylou Harris–whose recording career spans 30-plus years, during which she’s won 12 Grammys–discusses various aspects and phases of being a lifelong animal advocate, including her formative years growing up around animals and animal lovers (her Dad was studying to be a vet until World War II & other factors intervened), and maintaining a house full of animals while raising her own kids. She also recounted experiences with a special canine companion, Bonaparte, who went on tour and traveled to myriad recording studios with her over the years (and how devastated she felt when he died suddenly in 2002), going on to create a small foster care shelter for dogs, Bonaparte’s Retreat, with an emphasis on dogs who–for one reason or another–are otherwise likely to be euthanized. Honored recently by the Humane Society of The U.S., Emmylou has lobbied for an anti-tethering ordinance, taped animal-oriented PSAs, organized &/or performed benefit concerts for various animal welfare organizations, and more. She’s also preparing for the September release of “Songbird,” an 80-song box set, including a DVD with live performances. [www.Emmylou.net]

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COMEDY CORNER: Paul F. Tompkins’ “Alternative Pets”
MUSIC: Emmylou Harris’ “Bluebird Wine,” instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: We didn’t play the game today. (Don’t ask!)

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