Hershey and Trace–Federally-certified mold detection dogs

Hershey and Trace–federally-certified mold detection dogs (chocolate lab & black lab, respectively), these rescue dogs have been specially trained to detect mold in homes and offices that otherwise undetected could endanger the health of those who live or work in those buildings–and their human colleagues, Celeste and Jack Clausen, who discuss the perils of mold, the birth and development of the field of Canine Mold Inspections, the extensive training that CMI dogs and their handlers undergo, and the different but complementary personalities/working styles of Hershey and Trace, etc. Jack also guided the dogs through a demonstration to locate five mold samples hidden in various locations at the station. Please note: Unfortunately, the sound volume during some of the demonstration is very low, sometimes inaudible. Do not adjust your set. [www.JLCInspections.com]

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COMEDY CORNER: Woody Allen’s “The Moose”
MUSIC: Kirk Olsen’s “The Dog Beach Boogie,” Laurel Canyon Radio Co.’s “Talking To The Dogs,” instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Marvin Gaye’s “I’ll Be Doggone”

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