Karen Johnson–Creator of Clarinetherapy

Karen Johnson, who created Clarinetherapy–in which she takes her clarinet and her greyhounds to convalescent homes and other facilities, and the combination of her music & these greyhounds (which are certified therapy dogs), helps the patients heal and feel better–discusses the birth of Clarinetherapy, the physical and physiological effects on the patients (predominantly those with Alzheimer’s), how the therapeutic impact of the music and the dogs is much greater than the sum of its parts, the pieces of music she typically plays, and more [www.Clarinetherapy.com]

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COMEDY CORNER: Stiller & Meara’s “The Whale”
MUSIC: Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ “Mockingbird,” The incredible String Band’s “Wild Cat Blues,” instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Jethro Tull’s “Mother Goose”

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