John Doe on The Dead Air Zone

by | Jun 10, 2005

While “Talking Animals” is my chief radio focus, I also host a weekly music show, called “The Dead Air Zone,” and on June 7, I was thrilled to be joined in studio by John Doe, the founder-bassist of legendary L.A. punk band X, who’s gone on to an acclaimed solo career as a singer-songwriter.

We had a peppy, sprawling chat about everything from his excellent new album, “Forever Hasn’t Happened Yet” (we played some songs from it, including the “world premiere” of the radio edit of “Ready,” featuring Kristin Hersh), to X to his acting career (he’s been in 40+ films), to the unique challenges of performing a set of Woody Guthrie songs for a children’s show in Seattle.

Actually, the whole visit was great; John was endlessly gracious, fun and funny. And then he stepped into the

station’s makeshift performance space and played four songs, which sounded great.

As an added bonus that day, I was also joined for a radio reunion by my friend Randy Fender–we’d last been on the air together in ’82!

While we’re on the topic of added bonuses…Although this John Doe action may seem to have damn little to do with “Talking Animals,” John is indeed an animal lover (he and his family share their home with several animals), something of an animal advocate, and he recently did the narration for a documentary about animal rights. So we’ll invite him to return as a guest on “Talking Animals.”

Meanwhile, we hope you’ll enjoy this archive of his interview and performance at KUCI.

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