Tippi Hedren–Veteran actress

Tippi Hedren–the veteran actress perhaps best known for starring in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” but for more than three decades has operated The Shambala Preserve, an 80-acre facility in Acton, CA for big cats and other animals–discusses her lifelong love of animals, how making the movie “Satan’s Harvest” in Africa in 1969 launched her on a path to make the film “Roar” and then to create Shambala, where the animals there come from (circuses, zoos, phony sanctuaries, idiots who have big cats as pets, etc.), some of the animal-oriented legislation she’s working on and supporting, the films she’s still making, and more.  [www.Shambala.org]

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COMEDY CORNER: Paul F. Tompkins’ “Alternative Pets”  [www.PaulFTompkins.com]
MUSIC: Matthew Sweet’s “The Big Cats Of Shambala,” Kaki King’s “All The Landslides Birds Have Seen Since The Beginning Of The World,” Echo & The Bunnymen’s “Bed Bugs & Ballyhoo,”  instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Herb Alpert “The Spanish Flea”

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