Sarah Khorram–Helps protect the seals

by | Feb 28, 2005

Sarah Khorram–who coordinates the “Rake A Line, Hold A Sign” volunteer program designed to help protect the seals at a cove on the shoreline in La Jolla, California known as the Children’s Pool  (also called Casa Beach), where the seals ostensibly are already protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act–discusses the odd, emotionally-charged human-vs-animal controversy that’s erupted in the last year or so around the Children’s Pool, where for many decades several dozen seals have lived and had their babies, yet the San Diego City Council voted to remove the rope line and warning signs that were protecting the seals against close proximity to humans and harassment; subsequently, the Humane Society Of The United States and other organizations have filed lawsuits against the City of San Diego, and seals have been harassed and even attacked, causing some to suffer miscarriages and some seal pups to have been born prematurely.  [,]

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COMEDY CORNER: Robert Klein’s “Animals All” (first minute)
MUSIC: Sidney Bechet’s  “Muskrat Ramble,” The White Stripes’ “Little Bird,” instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Los Lobos’  “Will The Wolf Survive.”

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