Mathilde DeCagny–Hollywood animal trainer

Mathilde DeCagny–a Hollywood animal trainer whose animals include Moose and Enzo, the father-son team of Jack Russell Terriers who played Eddie on “Frasier”–discusses the earliest stages  and various other facets of her nearly 20-year career, big human stars who were enormously uncomfortable around their animal counterparts, the unique challenges of working with Moose (and Jack Russell Terriers, generally), and that most of her “actors” are rescue animals.
COMEDY CORNER: Bob Zany’s “Dogs & Clowns” (final minute) []
MUSIC: Dwight Lamb’s “Oyster Girl,” The Tragically Hip’s “The Dire Wolf,” Dwight Lamb’s “Oyster River Quadrille,”  instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Pink Floyd’s “Sheep”

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