Geneen Roth–New York Times bestselling author

Geneen Roth–an author whose books include the New York Times bestseller “When Food Is Love” and whose work has primarily dealt with emotional eating and related topics–discusses her new book, “The Craggy Hole In My Heart And The Cat Who Fixed It,” a memoir of sorts about adopting a cat and how that feline (a male named Blanche, no less) transformed her life before, during and after the death of her father. []
COMEDY CORNER: Suzanne Westenhoefer’s  “Cats” [,]
MUSIC: The Flaming Lips’ “Buggin'” Harry Connick Jr.’s “Billy Goat Stomp,” Skip’s Animal Co.’s “I’m Your Doggie,”  instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Serpentine Fire”

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