Amy Shever–founder of PetGuardian Pet Trust Program

Amy Shever–founder of PetGuardian Pet Trust Program, a new service that provides a broad, multi-faceted plan for people to ensure that, should they die before their pets (or otherwise become unable to care for the animals) that the pets will still receive top-notch care, and not end up at a shelter, where they might well be euthanized–discusses the genesis of PetGuardian, how it operates, and how it differs from other pet trust programs (including lower cost and greater flexibility). []
COMEDY CORNER: Jonathan Winters’  “Used Pet Shop”  []
MUSIC: Tanya Donelly’s “Moonbeam Monkey,” Johnny Hartman’s “Worry Bird,”  instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE: The Tokens’  “The Lion Sleeps Tonight  (Wimoweh)”

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