Richard X. Heyman–singer/songwriter

Richard X. Heyman–an accomplished, if somewhat under-the-radar singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist (Rolling Stone: “An undiscovered treasure,”Stereo Review: “A pop savant of the very first rank”)–discusses his 20-year experience rescuing cats and other animals in New York City (and beyond), his expertise in trapping homeless  animals there to provide them medical care and, often, new homes, frequently under the auspices of an organization called City Critters, among other topics. [,]
COMEDY CORNER:  Brian Regan’s “Spiders & Bees”  []
MUSIC: Cocteau Twins’ “Wolf In The Breast,” Richard X. Heyman’s “Monica,” Eels’ “Dog Faced Boy,” instrumentals
NAME THAT ANIMAL TUNE:  Burl Ives “The Little White Duck”

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