Please Support “Talking Animals” (& Me!) During WMNF’s Winter Fund Drive Feb. 22

I’m asking that you support “Talking Animals,” and me–and, really, WMNF!–in our Fund Drive show Wednesday, Feb. 22, 11am-Noon ET–but, ideally,  BEFORE then!  

As always, we have Exclusive Thank You Gifts for those who donate on  behalf of “Talking Animals”…


For example, one pair of fantastic tickets to see Wilco, April 20, at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, part of the band’s tour to support their latest album, “Cruel Country.” Wilco’s 12th album, “Cruel Country” has traveled a notable path, from gift given to attendees of their Solid Sound Festival, to more-regular release that The New York Times praised as the band’s “understated Magnum Opus,” also landing on Best Album Of The Year lists by Rolling Stone, Variety, Spin, Paste, and others. Meanwhile, over the years, Wilco has solidified its status as a truly great live band–amazing musicianship, ever-changing set lists–including cool, surprising covers–and drawing on a large, highly-acclaimed catalog…all guided by the enormously talented singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy, also a wry and charismatic frontman. You can pledge for two terrific seatsRow M, dead center in Seats 19 & 20 (entering Portal 1; view the Seating Chart here)–see an amazing show by an amazing band, all while supporting “Talking Animals” and WMNF. Many shows on this tour are already sold-out.

Also, a weeklong stay at a HAWAIIAN CONDO–an ocean-view, one bedroom, one bathroom unit on the island of KAUAI in Poipu Beach, on the island’s sunny south shore.  Not long ago, the condo was remodeled, with a new kitchen, new bathroom, and more. Still, those who’ve stayed there–including WMNF listeners and programmers–might argue that the condo’s best feature is the balcony, on which you can sit and (depending on the time of the year) see whales, dolphin, or turtles–or a stunning sunset. Pledge now, and you’ll have an idyllic week in paradise to look forward to. All while supporting WMNF!    ALREADY PLEDGED FOR!!! 

 Other nifty Exclusive Thank You Gifts, or “Premiums,” include:

* With Flyin’ Kai: A Pelican’s Tale, author Duncan P. Forgey has spun an inventive yarn, starting with a pelican occupying the center of the novel, and no shortage of talking animals(!) dotting the landscape. No less a literary authority than Kirkus Book Review enthused about  Flyin’ Kai, calling it, at one point, an “appealing environmental tale.” The book has serious intent that will speak to “Talking Animals” listeners. We have two copies Forgey was nice enough to donate and sign. You can see the cover of Flyin’ Kai below.  

* If you’re a fervent cat lover–and/or have a cat lover at home or at work–you can’t go wrong with this purr-fect apron! It’s covered with whimsical illustrations of all types, and colors, of cats: Siamese, calicos, Persians, tabbies, and more, on durable poly/cotton twill. One size fits most–apron has a big front pocket, neck loop, and back ties You can see a photo below. 

* Not be outdone, the canine contingent has demanded that we also offer a dog apron in this fund drive. It’s a beauty! As a further alternative to the cat apron–with its beautiful, white background–the dog apron has a navy-blue background, adorned with images of cute puppies. This, too, is a one size fits all, or most. Some of its amenities include a tool loop next to the pockets, fabric waist ties, and a tab on the reverse side for hanging up the apron. Made of nice mid-weight canvas. You can see a  picture of the apron below, and pledge for it.

* In a place where the weather’s almost always warm-to-hot, here’s a great way to keep your dog(s) cool, happy and hydrated: This Collapsible Pet Water Bottle & Bowl Combination is compact, yet holds 18 ounces of water, is safe and lightweight, made of HDPE stock, the water bowl is produced with food standard silicone; it is BPA free and has no smell. It is ecologically friendly and recyclable. This bottle/bowl is not only ideal to take on walks, but great for the beach, hikes, and other activities where your canine companion might work up a thirst. You can see a photo below. 

* A special 12-ounce Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Tumbler/Coffee Mug, emblazoned with CANINES AND CAFFEINE MAKE ME HAPPY, surrounding an illustration of a dog wearing sunglasses–on both sides of the mug. Perfect for a Dog Lover, & perfect gift for one. You can see a photo below. 

* The LILLY BRUSH, what many feel is the best, most effective device for removing pet hair from clothing, carpet, cars, couches and other furniture. It’s labeled a “Pet Hair Detailer,” but whatever you call it, the Lilly Brush works great! 

 * The current TALKING ANIMALS T-SHIRT, royal blue, with a fantastic front design by artist extraordinaire Ramin Nazer. You can see the shirt, front and back, below. Many have been pledged for, but we still have some shirts in most sizes.

That hour of our fund drive show on Feb. 22from 11-Noon ET that day–is the only time our show will be “credited” with your donation.

If a pledge comes in afterward, it could be credited to another show, but you can give beforehand… how ’bout now? Read more…

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